Mens Fleece Lined Thermal Fingerless Gloves

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Heat Holders Fingerless Gloves

When it gets cold outside, we all want to keep our hands warm but cannot deal with the hassle of traditional full fingered Gloves, this is why Heat Holders has come up with these mens fingerless Gloves. They give you all the warmth of our regular Gloves, while also allowing the dexterity you need to perform normal activities such as work, texting or typing on a keyboard.

These knit Gloves have Heat Holders specially developed thermal yarn provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. As well as the outer yarn, our Heat Weaver lining, a silky plush fleece lining, effectively maximises the amount of warm air held against your skin. The Heat Holders cuff is a protective cuff that hugs the wrist for extra warmth and insulation, stopping drafts and loose fitting Gloves.

Product Details

- Heat Holders, best seller since 2010
- Insulating Yarn
- Heat Weaver Lining
- 3.2 TOG warmth rating.
- Fingerless
- Allows use of fingers
- Fleece Lined
- Protective Cuff